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The EC funded Special Framework of Assistance 2005 (SFA 2005), which covers traditional ACP banana exporters, aims to support competitiveness of banana production, or support diversification when competitiveness is no longer attainable. In the case of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines a strategic decision has been taken by the Government, and supported by the EC, to pursue economic diversification.

Through this framework finances have been put aside for the development of e-business incubators in three Caribbean countries, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines being one of them. Thus, one specific component of the SFA 2005 is the Business Skills Development and E-Business Incubators Project, which is designed to support agricultural and economic diversification by further supporting development of alternative economic activities in the agricultural and other productive sectors..

The project purpose is to "further economic diversification and improve competitiveness and employment capacity of the agricultural and other productive sectors in St Vincent and the Grenadines through creating the appropriate environment and human resource pool for the introduction and sustainable use of Information and Communication Technologies (lCT)".

The Solar Factory installed in rural Bavaria
Our clients include governments, NGOs, private businesses, venture capitalists, commercial and development banks.

Taiwanese collaboration
Our projects regularly involve the EU, UNDP and other international donor organisations
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Project design and implementation

Our service spectrum covers assistance in the elaboration of business plans, design of projects with involvement of multiple partners, moderation of the projects fine-planning and development of proposals to attract external funding.

National and International funding applications

Growth Potential advises on funding opportunities offered by national and international donor organisations (EU, UNDP etc), regional and cross-border grant schemes/ support programmes and small scale grant facilities of national embassies.

Training staff for sustainability

Growth Potential provides technical assistance for project implementation alongside training programs for local personnel. We balance innovative solutions with capacity building to ensure sustainable success.

International project partners

Over many years, Growth Potential has built up and mantained a network of highly-qualified experts with practical experiences in ICT, tourism, agroprocessing and creative/ cultural sectors.